Tonya 'Ms. Stiletto' Harris

Name:  Tonya Harris

Road Name:  Ms. Stiletto

What I Ride: 2018 Honda Goldwing F6B

Status: Charter Member – Full Patch

About Me:  I am charter member of the Buffalo Soldier’s MC Charleston, WV and a known shoeholic. Hence my riding name “Ms. Stiletto”. I love when great things come together, because you can never have too many shoes or ride too much.

After growing up as a passenger and riding behind my husband for years. In 2014, I decided to take the MSP & Total Control courses and purchased my own. I started with a Shadow 750 Phantom, I soon progressed to a Goldwing F6B which I loved to dip low in and out of these WV curves. I currently ride a 2018 Goldwing and enjoy rolling to work, across country or just for wind therapy.
I am married to my best friend, riding coach and road dog. I have a favorite son, a favorite daughter and a favorite grandson, Jaxon aka “Jax” Soldier in training. My fulltime love consists of spending time with family, friends, traveling, shopping, reading, church and cooking.
I enjoy helping others, serving my community,  learning and sharing African American history. So if you see me out say, hello.